Marketing Trends to Watch in 2013: New Research

I have chosen to blog about this particular article since it gives a detailed account of the emerging trends seen in digital marketing. This article presents a fair representation of the challenges that digital marketers are currently faced with.

The trends identified in the blog include: media fragmentation, smart phone device adoption, content marketing, Facebook’s dormant nature, users noticing branded content on their news feeds and Twitters’ popularity.

All of the ‘trends’ can have a lasting impact on marketing strategies. Online audiences are dispersed through a number of applications and platforms.

A practical application that stood out was media fragmentation. If businesses are able to apply and understand media fragmentation then they will maximize their brand value.

Business can use this information to develop digital media strategies that will create future value and to improve their digital marketing practices. Engaging with customer on mutable platforms, channels and devices will increase brand equity and brand awareness.

For organisation’s to move forward in this rapidly growing digital era, I believe that there needs to be a strong focus placed on developing brand presence on mutable platforms and applications as digital marketing is an ever-changing practice and consent change is inevitable.

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